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Medpin Staff Biographies

Kathryn Saenz Duke, Program Director

Ms. Duke directs the programs of Medpin and works with organizational, corporate, government and individual partners to improve the value of Medpin programs. Prior to helping launch what is now Medpin, she served as Senior Staff Consultant for Health Policy at the California Senate Office of Research, as staff to the Senate Select Committee on AIDS, as a research faculty member of the UC San Francisco School of Medicine’s Institute for Health Policy Studies, and as Manager of Scientific Affairs at the California Medical Association. Ms. Duke is an attorney with special training in public health.

Leon Wilde, Consultant

Mr. Wilde is an experienced pharmacist who provides pharmaceutical consultation services to clinics and hospitals and to the Pharmaceuticals and Indigent Care/Drug Distribution Project. He led a major expansion of pharmacy services as Pharmacist In Charge at La Clinica de la Raza in Oakland, California and now serves on the P&T Committees of the Alameda Alliance for Health in California and the Texas Association of Community Health Centers/ Cardinal Pharmacy Purchasing Program.

Dianne Tobias, Pharmacist Education Consultant

Dr. Tobias has been a member of the faculties of two schools of pharmacy; she also served in a number of elected and appointed positions with the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists and received two of that association's highest honors. Her consulting projects have included application of drug therapy monitoring to the Minimum Data Set, and coordination of seven large national and two Canadian medication usage studies in varied types of health facilities. Dr. Tobias authored Medpin's Providing Consultant Pharmacist Services for Nonprofit Health Clinics manual and has worked closely with members of the California Safety Net Alliance for Pharmacy & Therapeutics Support.

Carrie Spector, Communications Specialist

Ms. Spector has more than ten years' experience in journalism and nonprofit communications, with an emphasis on health care issues. She is responsible for developing Medpin's publications, website content, and other public relations activities.

Kimberly Arroyo Williamson, Program Assistant

Kim Williamson manages the day-to-day administrative operations of Medpin and serves as the initial point of contact for most inquiries from the public about Medpin. In addition, she manages Medpin's database and maintains contact with clinics throughout the state of California. Prior to joining Medpin, Ms. Williamson worked in both free and community clinics.

Marice Ashe, Director Public Health Law Program

Ms. Ashe directed the team of safety-net providers which negotiated the settlement agreement to initiate PIC/DDP. She currently serves as a special advisor to the Medpin program, with primary focus on long-term strategic planning, and the development of group purchasing and professional education/training programs. Ms. Ashe directs several programs related to public health law at the Public Health Institute (PHI), and teaches Public Health Law at UC Berkeley School of Public Health. Prior to joining PHI, she worked with the UC Office of the President, Contra Costa County Health Services Department, and consulted with several state and federal health agencies. Ms. Ashe is a lawyer and health educator.

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