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Clinical Care Guidelines and Drug Treatment Algorithms
Therapeutic Drug Class Reviews
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California Safety Net Alliance for P&T Support

The California Safety Net Alliance for Pharmacy & Therapeutics Support (CalSNAPTS) convened faculty from the University of California San Francisco and the University of Southern California, other clinical experts, and physicians and pharmacists caring for patients in public hospitals and community clinics. These health care professionals have focussed on the pharmaceutical care and management challenges of the health care safety net, including limited financial resources and a vulnerable patient population with diverse medical and social needs.

CalSNAPTS presents the following materials developed for safety net clinicians, prescribers and local P&T committees.

Clinical Care Guidelines and Drug Treatment Algorithms
(click title to view pdf version or listen to audio)


   Type 2 Diabetes - October 2006


   Hyperlipidemia - January 2006

   Grand Round Teleworkshop examining Hyperlipidemia
Clinical Care Guidelines - RealMedia Audio

Therapeutic Drug Class Reviews

Arthritis / Pain

   NSAIDS - November 2004


   Bronchodilators - February 2005

   Inhaled Steroids - March 2006


   SSRI Antidepressants - January 2006

   Grand Round Teleworkshop examining SSRI
Antidepressants Drug Class Review - Mp3


   Oral Hypoglycemics & Insulin

      Drug Class Review - November 2004

      Grand Round Teleworkshop examining Oral
Hypoglycemics Drug Class Review - RealMedia Audio

Gastroesophogeal Reflux
Disease (GERD) / Peptic & Duodenal Ulcer

   H2-Receptor Antagonists

       Drug Class Review - December 2004

       Grand Round Teleworkshop examining H2-Receptor
Antagonists Drug Class Review - RealMedia Audio

   Proton Pump Inhibitors - November 2004


   HMG-COA Reductase Inhibitors - December 2004


   Ace Inhibitors - December 2004

   Calcium Channel Blockers - November 2004

Infectious Disease

   Floroquinolones - November 2004

   Macrolide Antibiotics - August 2005

   Telithromycin - January 2005

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