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Expanding School of Pharmacy and Safety Net Provider Collaborations

Medpin continues to connect people from community-based clinics with academic faculty and students. A September 2006 summit convened by Medpin brought together for the first time faculty from all seven of California's pharmacy schools and selected community clinic leaders. Several collaborative follow-ups have already been launched as a result of this summit, and participants are also planning a larger project to promote and sustain pharmacy partnerships.

group photo Photo courtesy of Paul Drogichen, CCALAC

Participants in Medpin's Community-Based Pharmacy Service and Learning Summit, September 2006
(from left to right)
Beth Mertz, UCSF Center for Health Professions
William Bird, UCSF School of Dentistry
Dianne Tobias, Medpin
Paul Drogichen, Community Clinics Association of Los Angeles County
Clifton Louie, UCSF School of Pharmacy
Sam Shimomura, Western University of Health Sciences
Kathryn Duke, Medpin
Lorie Rice, UCSF School of Pharmacy
William Kehoe, University of the Pacific
Kathleen Johnson, USC School of Pharmacy
MaryAnne Koda-Kimble, UCSF School of Pharmacy
Debra Sasaki-Hill, Touro University
Sarah Lorentz, UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy
Nancy Kawahara, Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy
Mel Baron, USC School of Pharmacy
M. Jean Serafy, Free Clinics of the Western Region
Not pictured:
Katherine Bonalos, The California Endowment
Paul Gregerson, JWCH Institute
Kimberly Williamson, Medpin

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