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Medpin booklet to help clinic patients access PAPs

This booklet is directed at the growing number of safety net clinics seeking to begin or expand efforts to help their uninsured patients access drug companies' assistance programs (often called PAPs). PAP Information Management Resources for Clinics to Help Uninsured Patients includes "mini case studies" of 11 safety-net clinics (or clinic-affiliated organizations) in California and other states, each having significant success in using PAPs to help their uninsured patients. Five of the interviewed sites access PAPs on a multi-clinic, regional, or statewide basis; the other sites are single organizations with one or more sites.

Safety-net clinics using PAPs to help their patients access free medications must develop a system for managing a significant amount of paperwork. Medpin found that some organizations are accessing PAPs using their own Excel spreadsheets and Access databases, in conjunction with downloading PAP application forms from the RxAssist or NeedyMeds websites. For clinics processing larger numbers of PAP applications, a software product may be cost-effective even if the clinic does not use all of the product's features and or supplements with other approaches, such as directly requesting forms from a drug company.

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