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"Introduction to Medicare Part D" Teleworkshop Series: What California Safety Net Providers and Patients Need to Know
January - March 2006
Presented in partnership with Lifelong Medical Care,
with financial support from the
California Health Care Foundation.

A - Setting up systems to identify and prioritize patients who need assistance selecting or changing a PDP
Presenters Include: Wendy Peterson, LifeLong Medical Care; Joann Wong, Asian Health Services

B - Triaging patients who need assistance: Resources, referrals and follow-up
Presenters Include: Janet Van Deusen, Alameda County Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program; Wendy Peterson, LifeLong Medical Care

C - Using the CMS Drug Plan Finder to help patients find their best PDP choices
Presenters Include: Wendy Peterson, LifeLong Medical Care

D - Real World Issues: The Impact of Part D on Dual Eligible Patients
Presenters and Discussants Include: Robyn Hong, North East Medical Services; Douglas Del Paggio, Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services; Wendy Peterson, LifeLong Medical Care; Michael Sullivan, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS); Teri Miller, Medi-Cal

E - Helping Low-Income Patients: A Physicians Perspective
Presenters Include: Floyd Huen, LifeLong Medical Care; Wendy Peterson, LifeLong Medical Care

F - PDP utilization management tools: Impact on medication access and continuity of care
Presenters Include: Arnie Fong, Lake Pharmacy; Wendy Peterson, LifeLong Medical Care

G - Tracking and Follow-up: On-going access to needed medications for dual Eligibles and low-income beneficiaries
Presenters Include: Katherine Hsiao, National Senior Citizens Law Center; Wendy Peterson, LifeLong Medical Care

H - Low-Income Subsidy Patients: Part D coverage for non-duals; what about people in drug companies' assistance programs?
Presenters Include:Wendy Peterson, LifeLong Medical Care; Deborah Workman, LifeLong Medical Care


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