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What options are available for non-340B eligible clinics?

Non-340B clinics benefit from joining buying groups because a group negotiates volume discounts on behalf of its members. The Cooperative Purchasing Network (CPN) formed by the California Family Health Council, Inc. (CFHC) and Council Connections, a division of the San Diego Council of Community Clinics, are two examples of buying groups. Both CPN and Council Connections serve community health centers and other non-profit organizations.

The Cooperative Purchasing Network began in June 2001. It serves all non- profit, licensed locations that do not receive Title X federal funding. Group purchasing yields significant cost-savings on the following products: pharmaceuticals, office supplies, furniture, contraception, medical and surgical supplies. CPN pharmaceutical prices are MFL (manufacturer list price) + 10% for brand name drugs and MFL + 3% for generic drugs.

Any agency, delegate agency or clinic that is non-profit and licensed, but does not receive Title X funding may pay $199 annual membership fee to join the Cooperative Purchasing Network (CPN). Clinics do not have to be 340B eligible to participate.

Contracts vary according to the vendor. Some charge shipping and handling and may have minimum order requirements. Pricing and ordering information is supplied quarterly.

For more information about CPN go the California Family Health Council websiteand click on FPCPP or go directly to www.fpcpp.org.

Council Connections is a group purchasing organization (GPO), that leverages the collective buying power of over 1,700 non-profit member sites nationwide to negotiate savings in such areas as pharmaceuticals, laboratory services, computer hardware and software, office supplies, and medical/surgical supplies.

For more information, visit www.councilconnections.com or call (800) 640-1662 x 305.

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