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2000 Policy Summit
2000 Legislative Testimony
Flu Vaccine

2000 Legislative Testimony

In the fall of 2000, Medpin (then called the Pharmaceuticals and Indigent Care Program) accepted an invitation to speak at a Senate Insurance Committee Informational Hearing "How Can the State Protect Senior Citizens from Dwindling Prescription Drug Benefits?" One of the topics addressed in Medpin's testimony was the gap between the potential of patient assistance programs to help indigent patients and the reality of some of the application requirements. Medpin Program Director Kathryn Duke spoke of Medpin's efforts to work with pharmaceutical companies to find a "win/win situation... [to create] a more streamlined, efficient way of operating patient assistance programs so they truly do meet the need that's out there." In response to questions by Committee Chair Senator Jackie Speier, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Counsel Majorie Powell acknowledged hearing such comments "frequently" and committed to working with Medpin and other groups to see what can be done to improve the patient programs. For a transcript of the November 2000 hearing, contact the Senate Insurance Committee.

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2000 Policy Summit»

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