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340B Comprehensive Pharmacy Services

Safety Net Clinics

With funding from the federal Pharmacy Services Support Center, Medpin has developed a national training manual, The Bridge to 340B Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Solutions in Underserved Populations: Information and Tools for Decision Makers. This manual is for managers at safety net clinics across the country who are seeking to better understand their options for improving the value of their pharmacy-related services. Although it focuses on 340B-eligible health care providers, other safety net clinics can benefit from much of this manual. To download the written manual and related components select from the links below.

Manual for Safety Net Clinics (pdf 3.2MB)

These interactive spreadsheets have been developed for health center administrators to use in implementing a new pharmacy program or revising an existing program. The financial modeling tools have been developed to account for a variety of factors that can vary by health center, such as sliding fee scale design and state-specific Medicaid regulations in effect in early 2005. The financial models can accurately  predict a program's financial performance to the degree that the data entered accurately reflect a particular health center and its pharmacy program.  Medpin strongly encourages administrators to work with an experienced pharmacy consultant when using these spreadsheets as part of their organization's financial analysis.  

Interactive Contract Pharmacy Financial Model Spreadsheet (Excel)

Interactive In-House Pharmacy Financial Model Spreadsheet (Excel)

Community Pharmacies

With funding from the federal Pharmacy Services Support Center, Medpin has developed a national training manual, Implementing a Comprehensive 340B Contracted Pharmacy Service: Information and Tools for Community Pharmacists. This manual is for pharmacists considering how to develop a closer business relationship with 340B-eligible health care providers. To download the written manual, including needs assessment tools and financial model spreadsheets, click on the link below.

Manual for Community Pharmacies (pdf 3.2MB)

Check Medpin's website for news of training workshops that offer expert assistance in using the spreadsheets to reflect a particular organization's needs and resources.

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