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Providing Consultant Pharmacist Services for Nonprofit Health Clinics

Providing Consultant Pharmacist Services for Nonprofit Health Clinics is intended to help pharmacists and clinics develop a mutually beneficial consultant pharmacist relationship using the basic information, techniques, tools, and examples presented. The material is organized into short descriptive sections supported by more detailed appendices that include sample forms, policies, information resources, and regulatory references.

This guide is geared toward California clinics and pharmacists. Health care providers in other states may or may not have similar regulatory and reimbursement environments.

The manual is designed primarily for pharmacists, whether new or experienced at providing consulting services to nonprofit health clinics. It will also assist clinic administrators and medical directors responsible for the direct, day-to-day dispensary operations.

  • For the beginning consultant pharmacist: This manual describes the requirements of the consultant pharmacist as part of the California Board of Pharmacy-issued clinic permit to operate a dispensary and the Title 22 regulations governing the drug distribution system of the clinic. Examples of policies and forms have been included in the appendix of this manual to illustrate how the consultant can assess the clinic's compliance with the various requirements of the dispensary. The sections of this guide entitled Resources and Regulatory References provide an array of tools for the beginning consultant seeking information and networking opportunities.

  • For the experienced consultant pharmacist: This manual offers a broad discussion of consulting skills and ideas for incorporating quality improvement concepts into the consulting process. It also includes sample forms and policies, which may be adapted for use in individual clinics. The section on the consultant role (chapter 3) provides ideas for additional consultant services, such as formulary management, disease state management, and in-service education.

  • For the clinic administrator and medical director: This manual's explanation of the requirements of a consultant pharmacist can be useful to the clinic in (a) selecting a pharmacist to assume the consultant role and/or (b) evaluating the performance of the clinic's current consultant pharmacist. In addition, the chapters on dispensary operations, and the sample policies and procedures, will assist the clinic in its compliance with laws and regulations.

    Table of Contents (pdf)

    Order Form (pdf)


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